Each committee is responsible for the planning, staffing, promoting, budgeting and funding of its functions or events. They should work closely with the Communications Committee to publicize the events and should recognize sponsors before, during and after the event.

Advertising and Public Relations

Works to promote TCH and it’s members through the use of club website, newsletter, email and social media to the transportation community. It is the committees duty to create and maintain all promotional materials, i.e website, newsletter, annual dinner program and monthly luncheon speaker materials. It is an important responsibility of this committee to secure advertising for club website, membership directory and similar publications. Must provide assistance to other committee chairs with sponsorship endeavors and collect information from each committee chair and board member regarding up coming activities in order to promote through media. Provide personnel at club events for the purpose of taking photographs to be used as promotional and advertising materials as needed.

Attendance and Membership

Co-Chairs: Anabelle Cormier & Charles Grissom

Creates and implements a comprehensive plan for finding and retaining club members. Also responsible for greeting members and providing help during monthly luncheons at check in. Collect and distribute information on member deaths, illness, weddings, child birth, graduation, etc. Send cards, flowers, donations, attend funerals etc. as appropriate. Make recommendations to the boards regarding new member applicants for consideration.


Chair: Jessica Nguyen, Joy Lloyd

This committees responsibilities include organize and present seminars relating to topics that interest the club and it’s members. Assist students of all ages in learning about the transportation industry as a career opportunity. Promote continuing education opportunities in the transportation field through Club scholarship fund.


Chair: Frank Files, Peter VanEtten

Oversees the operation and promotion of the Spring and Fall golf tournaments which are a primary TCH fund raising tool.

Program & Social Event Committee

The function of the Program Committee is to research relevant transportation related issues thru various transportation media and thru suggestions from TCH members and professional associations to secure Program Speakers/Presenters for the Transportation Club monthly meetings. Secure Speaker Obtain topic information and forward to Executive Secretary, Publicity Committee, and Communications Committee Obtain Speaker/Presenter biography and forward copy to Executive Secretary and President Assist Speaker or Presenters as requested i.e. transportation if needed to meeting, obtaining audio visual equipment, making copies for handouts etc. Organize social events other than the monthly luncheons to promote the value of TCH membership, i.e. boat trip, sports outing, Oktoberfest. etc. Make Christmas party arrangements. Invite Past Presidents and make arrangements for Past President day. Arrange for Installation of Officers meeting and ceremony.


– Secure advertisers for club website, membership directory and similar publications.
– Secure sponsors and door prizes for club luncheons and other meetings.
– Assist other committee chairs (education, golf etc) with sponsorship endeavors.